Children's Dentistry


We welcome children from an early age, as we believe prevention is always better than cure.  Sensitive dental care combined with sensible preventative advice will provide confident and decay free children. A low sugar diet will also give long term health benefits, by reducing the risks of obesity, heart problems and diabetes. 

Under the guidance of dentist Sarah Elworthy, our experienced team of Oral Health Educators and Therapists has achieved impressive results in our survey.
Our work with Health Visitors,  local school's, mother and toddler groups and Child Health Centres help ensure children can have a  healthy smile for life.

Dental anxiety is sadly only too real for some children who may have suffered or heard of bad experiences in the past. Golding House clinicians and staff offer a warm welcome and are sensitive to patient anxiety. We take time to advise and explain procedures and always put the child’s needs first.


“Fantastic dental practice, brilliant with my child, cannot fault you at all”

“Thank you for how wonderful everyone was in looking after my son when he fell and broke his tooth and to Sarah for doing such a good repair job”